A Night with New Room


FEBRUARY 17, 2021

Due to uncertain weather conditions at Church of the Servant, we have decided to cancel our local Ash Wednesday service and offer a special ONLINE ONLY Ash Wednesday service hosted by New Room.

In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, God is still making a way for us to come together. Never before in our lifetimes have we experienced such a protracted period of crisis. And never before have we experienced such a profound opportunity for awakening. This is the reason for A Night with New Room – Ash Wednesday.

On February 17, we’re coming to you—wherever you are—via streaming video. Following a time of learning, lament, and repentance, the evening will close with a concert of prayer uniting thousands of hearts together across thousands of miles of apartness to sow for a great awakening. 


There will be three options for viewing this live streamed event, listed in order of preference:

CHURCH ONLINE PLATFORM: With Church Online, you have the ability to engage in conversation and chat with other participants and make comments about the event in real time. This option also has closed captioning and auto-translation into multiple languages. The link for the live stream is: https://newroom.online.church/

YouTube:  If you are wanting to play the livestream on your television through the YouTube app on Apple TV, Roku, or another Smart TV platform, this will be the best option for you. Once our stream goes live at 6:00pm CDT / 7:00pm EDT you can either use this link: https://www.youtube.com/seedbed OR you can search “Night With New Room (Ash Wednesday)” on your YouTube app.

Church Website: If you have any trouble with either of the above mentioned platforms, you can always watch at newroomconference.com.



    Pastor @ Cross Point

  • Matt Maher

    Worship Leader, Songwriter

  • Rica McRoy

    Author, Wildfire

  • Lo Alaman

    Poet and Author, We Sang A Dirge

    *Speakers subject to change.

  • J. D. Walt

    Sower-in-Chief @ Seedbed

    Author, The Seedbed Daily Text

  • David Thomas

    New Room Senior Advisor


All times USA Central Time (CT)

Our night together will consist of four movements, each lasting about 30 minutes.

6:00pm: Welcome

6:05pm - 8:00pm: Main Teaching and Prayer

  • Movement One: Reality and Humility (and imposition of ashes), led by David Thomas
  • Movement Two: Self Examination and Repentance, led by Kevin Queen
  • Movement Three: Desire and Intercession, led by Rica McRoy
  • Movement Four: Hope and Anticipation, led by J.D. Walt

Worship led by Matt Maher and poetry by Lo Alaman

8:00pm: Sending Forth with Blessing


The Imposition of Ashes will begin around 6:30pm CT (at the conclusion of Movement One).

HOMES: We don't expect that participants at home will source their own palm ashes. We believe we can hold the beauty and symbolism of this tradition while also holding grace for our current circumstances. This event is less about coming with the right supplies and more about posturing our hearts towards God. Some ideas for sourcing ashes from home:

  • Rubbing the wick of a burned and cooled candle
  • Gathering dirt or dust from the ground and mixing it with a little water
  • Pre-burning a match or small piece of paper

In the wake of much death, we need to be together and claim resurrection life as we head into the 40 days to the Cross. We are looking forward to a meeting with God focused around confession, repentance and returning to the Lord with all our hearts. We appreciate you and look forward to this time together and the way ahead. 


If you would like additional resources to be sent to you after the event, please register at the link below.

More information about this gathering can be found HERE