Maua Methodist Hospital

For 90 years, the Methodist church has been represented in Kenya through Maua Methodist Hospital. Maua is located in central Kenya on the northeast slopes of Mt. Kenya. 

Since 2013, Church of the Servant has sent groups over, not for a mission trip, but rather a mission journey. The trip will end but the journey of processing a very different culture and witnessing the power of great faith has only begun for our pilgrims. 

While we work through Maua Methodist Hospital, our trips are a combination of medical and non-medical people. Opportunities for team members include visiting schools and dispensing pills to rid students’ bodies of harmful parasites, attending a local church service, working alongside a Kenyan construction crew to build a home for a family devastated by HIV/AIDS, and organizing the school supplies which the team brings over. 

We fly to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and then drive five to seven hours to the town of Maua. Along the way we see lovely tea fields on hillside slopes, bodas-bodas (motorcycles) with very interesting cargo, such as sofas and beautiful, friendly children. Accommodations are pleasant with western style bathrooms. The food is good and we drink bottled water. 

The cost to participate in a mission experience to Maua is between $3,000-3,500 all inclusive for the two-week trip. Additional costs would be passport and visa. Immunizations are optional, but will be discussed. The next trip will be late summer or early fall of 2020. Please email Jaci Finch or Ann Knutson for more information.  

To visit the Maua Methodist Hospital webpage, click here.