Special Message from Matthew

Posted Friday, March 13, 12:35 p.m.

Dear Church of the Servant Family,

As a staff, we are carefully monitoring the situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19. It is our current hope and desire to maintain our regular schedule and hold all four worship services on Sunday, March 15. However, as the situation is quickly evolving, those plans could change at any moment. As each of us moves closer to Sunday, I ask that we all make careful decisions to help ensure our personal health and that of others. If you are demonstrating any symptoms of illness—a cough, fever, aches or chills—please remain at home and care well for yourself. Likewise, if you are an individual with any underlying health concerns or conditions which have the potential to make an infection more severe, it would be prudent to avoid any large gathering, church services included.

Any changes to our regular operating schedule will be publicized via Social Media, the Church of the Servant website, and local news outlets. If you are unable to join us on Sunday—or if the decision is made to cancel church operations and worship services—we will continue to offer the option of joining us via live stream at 9:30 and 11:00 on Sunday morning.

No matter what, now is a time to be in prayer. And, it is an important time to call and check on friends and loved ones. People will not be able to experience some of the events we love most during the next few weeks. Anxiety and fear will rise for many. Even if we are unable to meet for worship, we can be in action as a church! During these challenging times, I would like to challenge you! Each day, call and check on three friends. Let them know they are not alone and are surrounded by a church community that loves them. Share stories, laughter, and learn about what is happening in their life. Take the time to reach out. In ways that you may never know, you will be the blessing someone needs!

Never forget WE ARE THE CHURCH. No matter if the doors are open or closed, Christ is ALIVE! Stay calm, stay safe, take care of one another, and remain in Him who is seated on the throne. Never forget the Christ we worship is alive forevermore!

Be the CHURCH in awesome and unique ways, my friends,

Matthew Mitchell,

Senior Minister