During hard times in life, we need all the love and support we can get – both from God and others. In fact, God often manifests His presence through others! Being “God’s heart and hands” is the very purpose of our Care Ministry. We have many ways to minister to Church of the Servant’s families:

  • Our Care Chaplains
  • Various support groups
  • Hospital and home visits
  • Encouraging care notes
  • Intercessory prayer

We also provide care and support during joyous times when a new baby is born, such as gift basket! 

Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer Calendar

The Upper Room, a daily devotional guide for United Methodists, provides a devotional reading for each of the days of the month that goes with each of the Scripture readings and prayers on this month's prayer calendar.  The devotional for each day will enrich your quiet time with the Lord during this month.  


Please refer to the UPPER ROOM for daily scripture readings and devotionals. 

This Week's Prayer Requests

This week's Prayer Requests are listed below. Please join us in lifting up each of these individuals and families.

Funeral/Memorial Services

The funeral and memorial services that have been recently held or are scheduled in our church building, either for one of our church members or for one of their family members, are listed below.

Request Prayer

If you need to be raised up in prayer or just need a hand to hold, please click on the Request Prayer button below to let us know. We are here to be there for you.

Help Keep the Care Team Informed

Servant is blessed with a wonderful Care Staff and a team of fantastic Care Chaplains.  It is our heartfelt desire to prayerfully attend to members of our church family in times of sickness and death as well as on those especially joyous occasions   We count on each of our members to keep us apprised of events as they occur.  Remember that a call to the Care Center is ALWAYS welcome when you learn of a death, hospitalization, birth or specific need for prayer.  Please don't assume that just because you have been informed, the Care Center has the news.  When you go to the hospital and list Church of the Servant as your church home, you may assume the church will be notified.  This is NOT the case.


Call Vicki  at 405-721-4141 or email here.

UPDATED on May 13, 2021


Hughlene Brittain-Yarbrough, as Hughlene deals with health issues and faces surgery at Bone and Joint Hospital.

Pam Gilbert, as Pam recuperates from surgery and undergoes physical therapy.

Karen Henderson, as Karen deals with health issues and recuperates from a fall; and Karen’s son, Joe, deals with health issues and is hospitalized in Dallas, TX.

Nick and Ann Knutson, as Nick deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Jim and Suzanne Konarik, as Jim deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Sharon Krivy, as Sharon deals with health issues and recuperates from injuries from a fall.

Dewey and Mary Milby, as Dewey deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Greg Thomas and Conni Smiley, as Greg’s and Conni’s grandson, Parker Thomas, deals with health issues.

Warren and Suzanne Wilson, as Warren deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

Please continue to pray for patients who are in the hospital/home with COVID and their healing.  Pray for the frontline healthcare workers caring for these patients asking for their continued health and protection.


Carol Adams and Family at the death of Carol’s husband, John Adams.

Mark and Robin Stinchcomb and Family at the death of Mark’s father, Phillip W. Stinchcomb.

Rita Team and Family at the death of Rita’s husband, Tommy Team.


Millie Fernald at the birth of her great granddaughter, Charolette Kate Konarik. The proud parents are Tyler and Kaitlyn Konarik. The proud uncles and aunts are Ron and Jennifer Sahmaunt, Brad and Katie Folks, and Jim and Suzanne Sahmaunt. The proud cousins are Joel and Sarah Sahmaunt.




Funeral and Memorial Services

A Memorial Service for Patricia “Pat” Lauffenburger will be held at Church of the Servant Celebration Center. This will be on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM. Rev. Tim Travers will be officiating. The service will be live streamed at for those who are unable to attend in person.

A Memorial Service for John Adams will be held at Vondel Smith Funeral Home Chapel located at 13125 N. MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK. This will be on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 11:00 AM. Rev. Tim Travers will be officiating. 

A Memorial Service for Tommy Team will be held at Church of the Servant Celebration Center. This will be on Monday, May 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM. Rev. Randy Shrauner will be officiating. The service will be live streamed at for those who are unable to attend in person.

When a member of our church experiences the loss of a loved one, frequently our church is chosen as the place for the service to celebrate the life of that loved one.  This page will be updated with information on these services if they are to take place at Servant.  Listings will remain available for a few weeks following the event. 


Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

When a loved one dies, those grieving often need assistance in planning a funeral or memorial service. Care Ministries at Church of the Servant can provide that assistance in a comforting and efficient way.

First, decide one person who will be the family contact to help coordinate the service. That person should then contact Vicki Roberds, Coordinator of Care Ministries. Her direct phone line is (405) 728-4738. She is available from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours or on weekends, please call (405) 721-4141. You will be directed to an emergency line to contact a pastor on call, who can help you reach Vicki.

Vicki will kindly and efficiently guide you through the process of planning the service, including: choosing a date, contacting the pastor of your choice, those who can help you with music, and any other matters concerning the service.  We can also provide you with the names of some very fine funeral homes, if you need that information. The funeral home you choose will also help you with other aspects of the service. 

After the service is over, you may feel the need for ongoing support as you continue to grieve the loss of your loved one. Church of the Servant has a Grief Support Group that can accompany you during this healing process. It can offer community, understanding, support, and encouragement; and will extend open and loving arms of welcome to you.  Just know that we are here to help make this journey more bearable, and a day of comfort and peacefulness. We want you and your loved ones to experience the love of Christ in action, so please let us know how we can serve you. 

Click here to download a PDF form with these directions to give to the person you’ve chosen as your contact.

Grief Support Group

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? If so, perhaps you would benefit from our Grief Support Group at Church of the Servant. Whether you have recently experienced the death of a loved one, or if you have been on a grief journey for a long time, we hope you’ll consider joining the group. DUE  to Covid-19 we will not be meeting at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.  . Each session includes a video and plenty of time for discussion and sharing. Each participant will receive a complimentary workbook. Registration never closes, so you can join us anytime during the course. To register for the course please contact Vicki Roberds at (405) 728-4738 or

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers Support Group

Are you caring for, or giving support to, a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia? If so, we invite you to attend our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers Support Group, which meets from 3:00-4:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month and is ongoing however, due to Covid-19 we will not be meeting at this time. We will be informing you when we meet in person.  This group is designed to give Christian support and encouragement to people who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Whether you and your loved one are far along on this difficult journey, or are brand-new to dealing with this challenge in life, either way you are invited to join us. Some of you may have your loved one living at home with you, while others have your loved one cared for in a care center. We welcome all of you, the caregivers and supporters. Here’s how it works: just arrange for any care that might be necessary for your loved one during the time of our meeting (we aren’t able to offer such care here at Church of the Servant)…then join us for a time of learning, sharing, and caring for one another in a Christian environment. If you’re interested in this group, please email Vicki Roberds or phone her at 728-4738..

Ostomy Support Group

What is an ostomy? An ostomy is an artificial opening in an organ of the body, created during an operation such as a colostomy, ileostomy, or gastrostomy; a stoma.

Are you living with an ostomy?  Do you think you are alone and have no one to talk to about questions that arise regarding your ostomy? 

Come to our Ostomy Support Group.  We have an Ostomy Nurse at every meeting to answer your questions and concerns. In addition, you will meet other ostomates who will share their stories and helpful ideas. 

We will be meeting May 8th  2021 at 2:00 p.m. South Room 1/2 at Church of the Servant 14343 N Macarthur Blvd . Anyone welcome. Contact Vicki Roberds at 728-4738 or for questions.

Transportation Access for Non-Driving Seniors

and Others with Disabilities

Many of us take for granted the ability to slide into our cars and drive ourselves to appointments, shopping excursions, or even Sunday services at Church of the Servant.  However, that is a level of independence that is not enjoyed by everyone.  We have learned in the Care Ministry office about many members and their families who have to juggle schedules and responsibilities in order to get a ride to a bridge party, a hair appointment, or even to pick up prescriptions.  While Uber and Lyft are good choices for many, we have found three additional options for non-driving seniors and others who have disabilities.

For someone living near an existing city bus route, Embark Plus might be the answer.  Rides can be scheduled in specific areas for medical appointments and grocery shopping at a low cost, and senior discounts are available if age-eligible.

Having the latitude to schedule a driver in a personal vehicle might be your preference, and for that reason you might choose to join the Independent Transportation Network (ITN) or utilize the RSVP Provide-A-Ride service.  ITN delivers clients to almost any destination of their choice within the OKC metro area, and RSVP transports clients to medical appointments, including a pharmacy stop after that appointment.

Read more about all three in a side-by-side comparison by picking up a chart at the Welcome Center or view it HERE.

Volunteer Driving Opportunities

Church of the Servant has had a mission/volunteer mindset since its beginning 50 years ago, and a new opportunity is available for those who would enjoy an individual service option.  Drivers with good driving records are needed by two organizations, Independent Transportation Network (ITN) and RSVP Provide-A-Ride.

Both organizations connect seniors or those with disabilities to volunteer drivers who have even a half-day of available time each week, and both have waiting lists of those needing rides.  These ride options don’t offer a paycheck the way Uber and Lyft do, but they do offer the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting and appreciative people, all of whom have had a background check.  Many friendships have blossomed through the simple kindness of providing transportation for someone who no longer can drive.

Each organization provides additional liability insurance for the driver’s vehicle and allows mileage to be reimbursed or “banked” for future use.  Both are 501-C3 organizations, so if the volunteer chooses not to be reimbursed or to receive future rides, the miles driven can be submitted for tax purposes as a charitable deduction.

There is no cost involved in becoming a volunteer driver, but if you do sign up and begin driving, Church of the Servant is prepared to make a donation to the organization to help cover the cost of your background and driving record checks.  Please contact Camilla Riley at the church if you begin driving for either organization.

For more information, please request the “Volunteers Needed” flyer from the Welcome Center in the Concourse or view it HERE, and you will find a side-by-side comparison of how the process works for the two services.