Servant Kids Discipline Policy

Servant Kids Ministries

3 years – 5th grade

Why a Discipline Policy?

When a child spends time in Servant Kids Ministries, it is the heartfelt desire of the staff that these are the best hours of a child’s week. Periodically children are disruptive and even disrespectful to their teachers and peers. The purpose of having a discipline policy is to insure, if a child’s behavior affects the opportunity for them and other children to have a positive learning experience during any Servant Kids Ministry program, that there is a plan in place that benefits everyone.

What is Church of the Servant’s Servant Kids Discipline Policy?

The discipline policy does not identify specific behaviors that are not acceptable. It does identify positive expectations for the children. These expectations give the teacher an outline from which to encourage and teach positive behavior.

Church of the Servant Kids Expectations

Honor God’s House (walk inside the building, use the furniture the right way, etc.)

Honor God’s Followers (sit and listen when someone else is talking, raise your hand for permission to speak, obey your teacher/leader, etc.)

Honor God’s Child (prepare your heart to worship God by removing distractions like toys and games, etc.)

Teachers/Leaders may establish house rules which may be more specific than these expectations. An example of a “house rule” could be:

* visit the restroom before class

* get a drink before class

* no gum

If a child’s behavior is disruptive to others the following steps will be taken:

  • The child will be asked to leave the classroom and spend the remainder of the morning with a staff member once the teacher has determined that he/she cannot encourage improvement of the child’s behavior.
  • Upon checkout, or a follow-up phone call, a staff member will discuss with the parent(s) their child’s behavior and communicate the steps the teacher took to improve his/her behavior. Parents will be asked to offer suggestions to encourage better behavior and possibly be invited to join their child the following week, if there has been a consistent behavioral problem.

Again, the goal is to provide an environment conducive for all children to enjoy their experience while participating in any children’s programming.