Any volunteer working with minors completes an application and background check before they are assigned a class or small group. All volunteers wear name tags.

Servant Kids is a peanut free environment (peanut butter, peanuts and tree nuts). Parents are asked to note any allergies on their Family Information Card. Children’s allergies are printed on their name tags.

Please do not send personal items, toys, sippy/drinking cups, etc to class with preschool and elementary children.

If your child is in the nursery, please make sure all personal items (diaper bags, diapers, sippy cups, bottles etc) are permanently marked with the child’s first and last name.

In an effort to control the spread of illness, children exhibiting any signs of illness will not be admitted into the nursery or classrooms. Please do not bring your child/ren if they have had fever, vomited or diarrhea in the past 24 hours. The parents of children who exhibit any of these symptoms will be texted and asked to pick up their children.

Servant Kids Discipline Policy will be enforced to guarantee that everyone has a positive experience while participating in any Servant Kids programs.

Infants – 5th graders may check in 15 minutes prior to any service. 3 year olds – 5th graders whose parents are attending Chapel Service at 8:15 may stay in the nursery area; however, there is no programming. If a 3 year old – 5th grader is going to participate in programming following the 8:15 service advise the nursery staff and they will move the child to the appropriate area at 9:15 a.m.

Children (nursery – 5th grade) WHO PARTICIPATE IN Servant Kids programming on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights will check-in/out following the *Procedures for the Checkpoint system.

*Procedures for Checkpoint System

Families who have completed a Servant Kids Information Card can check-in at any express check-in located in the Servant Kids Welcome area or outside Suite 45. Changes to pertinent family information should be recorded on a Change of Info Card available at the Servant Kids Welcome Counter or email with changes.

Parents check-in their children by entering their last name or the last 4 digits of their phone number at one of the express check-in stations located at the Children’s Welcome area or Suite 45. A name tag, which includes child’s name, parent name, allergies and times of service that the child will be attending programming is generated for each child the parent checks-in. A corresponding parent tag will print at the same time.

Parents check-out their children by presenting the parent tag to their child’s leader. The leader will match the tags to verify that the child is being released to the correct party. An adult or a sibling who is in 6th grade or older who has the parent tag may also check-out the child.

If a child has misplaced their name tag the leaders will check the number on the class roster against the parent tag. The parent will be asked to sign the class roster.

If a parent does have not their parent tag they must show their Driver’s License. The name on the Driver’s License must match the parents name on the child’s name tag. A sibling who is in 6th grade or older or an adult must have the parent tag to check out a child.

Guests check-in at the manned station at the Servant Kids Welcome Counter.

If a child brings a guest the family needs to check-in at the manned station at the Servant Kids Welcome Counter.

Hospitality Team Members are always available to assist and direct you.

The mission of the Next Gen Ministry is to lead the next generation to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We use every resource available to keep them safe while we fulfill our Ministry mission.

Thank You for sharing your children with our Ministry and allowing us to be part of their spiritual journey.