I was a stranger and you welcomed me

Matthew 25:35

Church of the Servant’s Mission Council has been asked to help Afghan families resettle here in Oklahoma City. Catholic Charities is expecting to receive 1,000 refugees – or approximately 200+ household units.


by Ann Knutson, Mission Team Chair

Oklahoma City expects to receive 1,000 refugees – or approximately 200+ household units before the end of 2021.  There will be considerable logistical and congregational support needed to make this happen. It would be ideal if a Sunday School class(es) could champion organizing items for one household along with a Mission Council person. Several classes would be even better!

There are two areas in which the families will need assistance and how we might help:

1. Household Donations. Catholic Charities has the official contract and responsibility to find housing, obtain employment authorization cards, help find jobs, get them enrolled in ESL classes, and get their initial medical appointments/ vaccinations – all within 90 days of arrival. They do not provide furniture, bedding, etc. There was an outstanding show of support on Sunday for this. We hope to have a website so you can list what items you want to donate without having to create an account. Stay tuned!

2. Relational. These folks will need to get driver’s licenses, go to doctor’s appts, attend ESL classes and won’t have vehicles for a while. People helping with this will want to know cultural norms, be able to ‘translate’ America to Afghans as well as navigate paperwork, etc. The Spero Project is the only local nonprofit that works with refugees to help them navigate their new lives.

For information on household donations, click on the link below or email Stacey Brim at
For information about transporting refugees during the first 90 days, contact Ann Knutson at
If you signed up on Sunday, you do NOT need to contact us again.

donate furniture or household items

Church of the Servant's Mission Council is honored to present to our congregation a very special opportunity. In response to Oklahoma welcoming hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan, we want to share God's love by loving our new neighbors.
These families and individuals are starting over with little more than the clothes on their backs. We want to help make their transition to Oklahoma easier by providing furniture and household items for their new-to-them apartments.

If you would like to support this mission by donating new or like-new condition furniture and household items, please fill out the form below.


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