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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Church of the Servant’s desire is to fight poverty and injustice so lives are transformed. We work with trusted global partners that have a holistic approach to caring for people’s spiritual and physical needs.

Vietnam Mission Trip Report

June 2023

Church of the Servant took a mission trip to Vietnam April 14-23, 2023, and it was a huge success! The team’s mission was to minister to local congregations and provide motorcycles and riding gear for local pastors that would enable them to better evangelize and serve their community.

As we began our adventure, we decided to explore the region on motorcycles. Riding through the winding roads of northern Vietnam, we marveled at the lush green valleys, majestic mountains, and vibrant rice terraces that unfolded before our eyes. This unique mode of travel allowed us to intimately connect with the natural beauty of the land and its people.

As we journeyed through the countryside, we stopped at various rural churches, which were the heart and soul of their communities. These humble churches made a significant impact on our team. We were warmly welcomed by the local congregations, whose genuine hospitality touched our hearts. We shared stories, sang hymns, and broke bread together, bridging cultural and language barriers through the universal language of love.
During our visits to these rural churches, we were deeply moved by the resilience and dedication of the local pastors and church members. They tirelessly worked to serve their communities, often facing limited resources and challenging circumstances. We were humbled by their unwavering faith and their impact on their respective villages.
Trying to get to the actual churches was interesting because some of them were inaccessible by car. To get to worship, the people had to not only use a bicycle or motorcycle to get through the off-roads, but they also had to sometimes hike the remaining distance. It was evident to our team that attending church was not easy for these folks, but nonetheless, they showed up faithfully.

This mission trip to Vietnam was an unforgettable experience for all involved. It reminded us of the power of compassion, unity, and the transformative impact of stepping outside our comfort zones. On the outside, we may look different, speak different languages, and laugh and cry about different things, but the same God living in you and me is living in them, and there could be no deeper tie than that!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We felt and needed them, and we are so grateful that whether you were physically there or not, we did this together.

Jessica King

Kenya mission

"Update on Kenya" by Ann Knutson, Kenya Team Coordinator

Church of the Servant has sent teams and money to Maua Methodist Hospital since 2013. 2023 marks ten years of our relationship with the hospital and the wonderful outreach projects for the community of Maua. The growth and vibrancy of the hospital has been amazing to watch over the past decade. There were years when it appeared that MMH was near collapse; yet it somehow managed to survive. The hospital is almost 95 years old, having been founded in 1928 by British Missionaries. It has certainly known many trials and tribulations.

In June 2023, we were able to tour the new oxygen plant that was recently built on the hospital grounds. During covid, the need for oxygen tanks was enormous. A company approached MMH and together they endeavored to raise funds to build the state-of-the-art facility. The company provides all the oxygen needs of the hospital and sells excess to the community. The hospital receives a portion of those outside sales. Because oxygen is now readily available, it has also enabled MMH to create a five bed High Dependency Unit (HDU), like an ICU. In turn that capacity has raised the accreditation level of the hospital. That in turn means the hospital is more attractive to medical personnel which means more advanced procedures can be performed.

On our first trip in December 2013, we noticed that hospital personnel weren’t washing their hands between patients. The reason was simple, the tap water in the hospital was untreated river water! There is a borehole on the hospital compound, but it was not enough to serve all the needs of the residents who live on the grounds and the hospital. Finally with the help of hydrologists, engineers, and project managers from the US, a second bore hole has been dug and the 19-acre compound now has clean water throughout! River water will only be used to irrigate the grounds and to extinguish fires.

The next trip planned for Church of the Servant is February 2025. Before June of 2024, my hope is that a new leader/s will come forward. After ten years, Ann Knutson is passing on her team leader lanyard to someone else. It has been a joy, privilege, and a blessing. Ann will be available as a resource for the next trip.


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