Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Servant Kids meets in person each Sunday morning at 9:30 and/or 11:00am! Two-hour programming is available once again. The same topic will be covered all morning long, but each hour will have different activities and videos to reinforce the lesson. This is a great option for parents who want to attend both a class and worship service on Sunday mornings. Drop your kids off between 9:15-9:30 and pick them up again at noon! Elementary kids in grades first through fifth meet in The Point Student Center (south side of church), and kids in kindergarten, preschool, or who are nursery-aged (2 and under) meet downstairs. Virtual options are available on our website each week. If you can’t make it in person on a Sunday morning, check out the lessons and videos online (scroll down)!

Preschool, Kindergarten, and nursery aged kids will meet downstairs for check-in and for their activities.
For those younger kids, temperatures will also be taken but masks are optional.

We provide a teaching summary for each week, and we encourage parents to utilize the tools that correlate with the lessons (found on this page) to discuss their child’s lessons with them during the week. We believe that the family is the primary place of spiritual development and want to equip you with great tools!

Fun wednesday night activities!

Warm World School
& Starbright (CDO)

Warm World is a Christian school for three, four, five, and six year old children. The basic philosophy of Warm World has always been to meet children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs in a setting that is appropriate for the child’s age. Emphasis is placed on children learning through exploration in an environment prepared for them by knowledgeable teachers. Warm World provides opportunities for children to participate in learning activities in science, reading, writing, math, and critical and creative thinking through play, which is the way young children learn best.

Starbright Children’s Day Out is a learn through-play-program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the school year for children ages 6 months through 2 years old. We also offer summer sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays in June and July for children ages 6 months through pre-kindergarten. The hours are 9:15 am to 2:15 pm.

video lessons just for kids!

Bible story lesson videos, family challenges, and all things kid-related can be found in one spot!
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Sundays in May | Ages 3 years-Kindergarten

Preschoolers will ask questions countless times as they get to know the world around them. It’s like they’re beginning a lifelong Scavenger Hunt. This is the perfect opportunity for us to not only tell them what they are looking at but who made it as well. That’s why we are going to add another question to their inquisitive minds. Who made everything? Who made the red ladybug? Who made the grey rocks? The white clouds? The blue bird?

We want preschoolers to know that God made everything. We want them to think of God as they explore and get to know this wonderful, colorful world we live in. And even more, we want them to know that the same God who made everything made them and loves them.

Our memory verse this month comes from Genesis 1:31 and says, “God saw everything he made. And it was very good.”  This month, we will learn about how God created the world in six days. On the seventh day, God looked at everything he made. Then, He rested.

Who made everything? God made everything!
May 1st lesson and activities:May 8th lesson and activities:May 15th lesson and activities:May 22nd lesson and activities:May 29th lesson and activities:


Sundays in May | Grades 1-5

This month, we will learn about the connection between RESILIENCE and God’s character, as shown through God’s big story. Resilience is getting back up when something gets you down.

God is strong and faithful, always working in our lives. We might get knocked down from time to time, but when we put our trust in God, we find the strength we need to get back up again. Jesus showed us how to face life with resilience. No matter what happened, Jesus relied on God to help Him accomplish the mission set before Him. Because of Jesus, we can trust God no matter what. We can bounce back from whatever knocks us down and complete the mission God has for us.

Our memory verse comes from Isaiah 40:31 and says, “But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak.”

We will learn that God is always with you and trusting him can help you get back up. We will discuss how to keep going even when times get tough and how to choose joy when life gets hard. We can keep going because of what Jesus did for us. We can’t wait to see you this month!
May 1st lessons and activities:May 8th lessons and activities:May 15th lesson and activities:
  • Video Lesson (1st-3rd Grade) – click here
  • Parent Sheet (1st-3rd Grade) – click here
  • Video Lesson (Servant 45) - click here
  • Parent Sheet (Servant 45) – click here
May 22nd lesson and activities:May 29th lesson and activities:


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weekly devotionals

(AGES 3 - K)

We invite you to spend time daily with your kid(s) expanding on the lesson from Sunday morning using these guided activities. To view the activities, click on the links (dates) below.
Week 1 - May 1-7
Week 2 - May 8-14
Week 3 - May 15-21 
Week 4 - May 22-28
Week 5 - May 29-June 4


We invite you to spend time daily with your kid(s) expanding on the lesson from Sunday morning through devotional time. To view the activities, click on the links (dates) below.
Week 1 - May 1-7
Week 2 - May 8-14
Week 3 - May 15-21
Week 4 - May 22-28
Week 5 - May 29-June 4


We invite you to spend time daily with your preteen(s) expanding on the lesson from Sunday morning through devotional time. To view the activities, click on the links (dates) below.
Week 1 - May 1-7
Week 2 - May 8-14
Week 3 - May 15-21
Week 4 - May 22-28
Week 5 - May 29-June 4

Kourtney Aller

Director of Servant Kids

Kourtney has worked in children and youth ministry for over ten years and has enjoyed watching children and teenagers grow in their faith and come to know Jesus in a more real and personal way. She graduated with a business degree from Oklahoma State University, then earned a master’s of education degree from the University of Oklahoma. Kourtney has been married to her husband, Ryan, since 
2002, and they have two sons, Noah and Nathan. She enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with her family, and playing tennis. Kourtney wants all children to know how much Jesus loves them and to see how God works in their lives and in the lives of those around them. She wants children to know God’s love and share it with others.

josh snodgrass

Assistant Director of Servant Kids

Josh Snodgrass was born in Wichita, KS where he graduated from Wichita Trinity Academy in 2013, He attended Kanakuk Link Year where he gained a sturdy biblical foundation before attending the University of Kansas in 2014. He graduated with a degree in Sport Management with a Minor in Business. Josh’s ministry experience comes from the 10 years he spent at Kanakuk, both as a 
camper as well as a staff member and eventually a leadership position. Josh believes that children can make a huge impact in this world through the love of Christ and wants all the children to know the love that Jesus has for them. He currently lives in Yukon with his beautiful wife Bekah, their son Caleb, and his three dogs.

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