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Church of the Servant is a great venue to host a wedding!  Read on for our answers to frequently asked questions or contact our Director of Communications, Heather DeShazo at 405-721-4141 for more information!

Who Is Eligible to be Married in Our Church?

We reserve the church for weddings of our members and their extended families. Members are defined as individuals who have officially joined the church and are on our membership rolls. Their extended family includes any individual related to the bride or groom.

What Will It Cost to Have Your Wedding at Church of the Servant?

Fees charged for weddings include the services of the officiating minister, our wedding coordinator, custodian, organist, sound technician, and a facility use fee.

  • Chapel of the Cross – Total Fee = $ 1,025
  • Celebration Center – Total Fee = $  1,745

Small, “stand-up” weddings with fewer than 20 people can also be scheduled in our Chapel of Peace.
There are no facility fees for a wedding of this type; however, a Chapel of Peace wedding has a minister fee of $250.

How Do You Schedule Your Wedding?

All weddings are scheduled through Director of Communications, Heather DeShazo, at (405) 721-4141. She will make sure the dates and times you have requested are available on our church calendar and also make sure the minister you have selected is available to perform the wedding. Other information pertinent to your wedding may be relayed to her either by phone or in person. Our wedding secretary will forward all information regarding your wedding to one of our wedding coordinators. The coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting at an appropriate time to discuss all plans for your wedding in detail.

At the time you schedule your wedding with our wedding secretary, a non-refundable $100 deposit is due and should be paid to the wedding secretary. Even if the date, time, and minister you have requested are available and have been confirmed by the wedding secretary, your wedding will not be considered firm and permanent on our church calendar until the deposit has been received. This deposit will be applied to your account, and the remainder of the total inclusive fee will be due and payable to the wedding secretary two weeks prior to your wedding. Weddings may be scheduled Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. On Saturdays, weddings may occur between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Weddings are not scheduled on Sundays.

How Will You Be Working with Our Wedding Coordinator?

Once scheduled, one of our wedding coordinators will be your primary contact in arranging all details of your wedding. Following contact with the wedding secretary, our coordinator will work with you from that point through your wedding day. She will help you in every way she can by taking care of all the details related to having your wedding in our church. The coordinator will schedule a time to meet with you for the initial planning of your wedding. She will answer any questions, explain how weddings happen here at the church, and make arrangements for music.

If you plan to have your reception at the church, she will put you in touch with our reception hostess and be present at your wedding rehearsal to help that event go smoothly as well. She will be present for your wedding to coordinate with the wedding photographer, florist, reception hostess, and help in the special seating of grandparents and parents as well as the processional and other matters. She will also coordinate any video recording of the wedding with your videographer. Our wedding coordinators are trained to put you at ease and to take care of the details!

What If You Plan to Have Your Reception at Our Church?

If you choose to have your reception at Church of the Servant, we are happy to provide a lovely place for you to have your wedding reception! Most wedding receptions are held in Community Hall; however, a small reception can be held in the courtyard area. Two hours will be reserved following the wedding for your reception. The fees charged for a reception include the wedding coordinator, reception hostess, and custodial service for setting up and cleaning the reception area. All food must be arranged through the church caterer. All wedding receptions taking place in our church shall be handled and supervised by our wedding coordinator and reception hostess.

  • Reception in Community Hall  = $525
  • Reception in Courtyard  = $500

What Ministers Are Available to You?

We have several ordained ministers on our staff who are available to officiate at your wedding. You may, however, want to have a minister from outside our church officiate instead. Outside ministers must be approved by Church of the Servant’s Executive Minister. Any fees for outside ministers are the responsibility of the wedding party, and payment should be made directly to that individual.

What about Making Music Arrangements?

Our wedding coordinator will work with you in making the musical arrangements for your wedding as well! She will put you in touch with our organist, who will be happy to help you select music for this very special occasion.

Are There Special Instructions to Give the Florist or Photographer?

Your florist will need to set up your selections two hours prior to your wedding ceremony. Those items need to be removed from the building two hours following the time of the ceremony (or reception if it is held here). The church does not have room to store any items that are left on the premises and will not assume responsibility for them. If your wedding is planned in the Celebration Center, any wax candles must be placed on the Lord’s Table and must have plastic placed under them to protect the table's surface. You and your photographer should agree on a time for you to be ready well before the ceremony begins in order to provide you with the best pictures possible. Pictures may be taken in the public areas of the church up to 30 minutes prior to the wedding. The wedding party will then be escorted to their designated areas. Additional pictures may be taken there and also after the ceremony itself. Pictures taken during the ceremony must be taken without a flash, and the photographer must remain in the designated area.

Can I Video My Wedding/Reception?

Yes! You may ask a family member or a friend, or hire a production company to video your wedding. In any case, you must adhere to the church’s guidelines and policies regarding use of video equipment. If you do plan to record your wedding, the wedding coordinator must be informed in advance and the individual or company you have selected must be approved.

Are There Premarital Sessions?

The minister you choose to officiate at your wedding will want to meet with you to help you plan the details of your wedding ceremony. They may also determine to meet with you for more counseling about the decision you are making to marry in hopes of helping you be aware of certain personal and interpersonal factors involved in a healthy, thriving marriage. The decision to have these additional sessions will be at their discretion following the initial meeting with you and your fiancé.

A Few Other Thoughts...

We do not allow use of tobacco products or the consumption of beer or other alcoholic beverages anywhere on church property, including the parking lot. All food and beverages are restricted from the Celebration Center and the Chapel of the Cross. We also prohibit the use of flash photography by anyone during the wedding as it detracts from the integrity of the worship service. Following the wedding service, if you choose to throw birdseed, bubbles, or rose petals, please make sure that it is done outside the building. Any items that have been rented by you for your wedding are your responsibility and should be removed from our building within two hours after the wedding ceremony (or reception, if it is held here). Any items belonging to members of the wedding party that are lost or misplaced are not the responsibility of the church. Every precaution should be taken by the wedding party to secure all valuables. Rooms requested by you (such as the Celebration Center, Chapel, Bride’s Room, Groom’s Dressing Room, Community Hall, or others) will be available to you and your wedding party four hours prior to the wedding and one hour after the wedding, unless specified at the time of reservation. Rooms not specifically assigned for your wedding should not be used.

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