Three Amazing Reasons to Come to Church!

Three Amazing Reasons to Come to Church!

by Rev. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann & Rev. Jessica Moffatt

We are learning so much about our church!

DID YOU KNOW… that we have three people during the week who work at the front desk? Darla, Pam, and Mary take care of everything that is “incoming” (and even some things that go out). They answer your calls, greet you, handle mail and packages, connect you with the staff–and so much more.
Darla Bierig works on Mondays and Wednesdays. “It brings me great joy to work here at the front desk,” Darla says. “You get to help people, and that’s the most important thing in this world.” She has been a member of Servant for 24 years, and a part of the same book discussion group for almost that long. She believes strongly in the importance of women’s ministry in the life of the church and serves on our women's council. And, surprise: she loves Christian history and theology (the next time you see her, ask her about the “Donatists”). Her smile and infectious laughter will keep you lingering at the front desk.
Pam Adams works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You may know her from the front desk and her previous 20+ years of work as support staff for our children’s ministry. She is the behind-the-scenes person for so many things: the church’s monthly Prayer Calendar, name tags for Prime Time, and Sunday school attendance records—just to name a few of her activities. “I do whatever is needed for our staff and church,” she told us. Pam loves puzzles, crafts, and traveling, but her grandkids are the center of her life. And probably yours, too: she was an avid NICU “baby snuggler” for many years and has worked in our church’s nursery. “Working at Servant brings such joy to me,” she says. “I get to help my church family in so many ways!”

Mary Strain works Fridays until noon. Mary’s young family came to Oklahoma City in 1971. Founding pastor Norman Neaves stopped by to welcome them to the community, and Church of the Servant soon became their spiritual home. Now, a third generation of Mary’s family is attending. You might hear Mary being called “The Face of Church of the Servant” because she worked the front desk full-time for almost 25 years, finally retiring in 2018. Many people joined Servant simply because of how Mary greeted them when they walked in. Like Pam and Darla, Mary doesn’t just sit behind a desk. She is, for example, one of the many volunteers that keep our church greenery watered and healthy. “Through the highs and lows of life,” Mary told us, “Servant has been a place of personal blessing. I don’t know what’s ahead, but I do know this church means everything to me and many others.”

The author Micah Solomon writes, “The heart of hospitality is the ability to focus completely and totally on one person.” We think this is the shared secret sauce behind the amazing ministries of those at the front desk. It’s not because you are made to feel like you are the most important person in the world; it’s because Darla, Pam, and Mary know you are.